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Welcome to the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick…

sevenstaTRANSWe hope you will find something of interest on these pages.

If you’re new to the world of the esoteric you might like to look at our Information (Press) Packs which give a broad overview of some of the areas of interest covered by the School (see Info Packs)

If you are looking for information about our courses and workshops then you’ll find further information on our Courses page

At the bottom of the page you’ll find links to your daily horoscopes but if you simply want some information about ‘readings’ you can look here (Readings) and even get a Free Rune Reading

If you’re interested in finding out more about the School itself then there’s some information About Us, our Rationale and Ethics by following the in-text links.

Please consider signing up for our Newsletter which is published eight times a year and features a range of articles, stories and links to events and happenings.

Of course you can always email us ( or with any specific requests or questions.

Be well and may your journeys bring wisdom and clarity


Priestess of Kernow & Co-Founder


Rational Mystic & Co-Founder



This is published 8 times a year to coincide with the festivals.newslettersvol2

It is emailed to you as a PDF file and is between 25 and 35 pages long containing news, articles, poetry and other Bardic inspired offerings. If you want to subscribe you can do so below ….

We have also compiled the last two years of Newsletters into a FULL COVER souvenir books which you can purchase here…


CSMM VOL 1  190 Pages A4 Full Colour  £31.96   PURCHASE HERE

CSMM VOL 2  2015 Pages A4 Full Colour £34.68  PURCHASE HERE

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